Video Deletion

How to Get YouTube to Remove a Video That Someone Else Uploaded

What is

“Google bought the site in November 2006 for 1.65 billion USD; YouTube now operates as one of Google’s subsidiaries.” Wkipedia.orTripled with Google’s prowess, that makes YouTube the lion of the internet.


If is hosting a nasty or malicious clip about you…you are in serious trouble. With 5 billion views per day, YouTube is a powerful and free platform if you want to become famous. Or infamous.The visual impact of a video plus amount of traffic and viewers leaves you no chance to save your name. Your reputation will be spiraling downward at unstoppable speed. That might include your job, your friends, your marriage, or even legal issues.

Are you a victim of ?

Have you tried deleting or removing the video? You most probably did. Here are 3 basic steps you can try.

1.Ask the uploader to remove the video.

2.If you see any way to report the video as violating copyright law, you tube will quickly remove it. Just use their reporting tool. Aside from copyright law, YouTube has a community guidelines that will allow for removal of certain offensive videos

3.If you are unsuccessful, try the defamation complaint page. There you can request a removal online. Finally, you can have a lawyer write to them on your behalf. But results are not guaranteed, and YouTube is not usually obligated legally to remove content. Mail your request to YouTube, Inc. Attn: Legal Support  901 Cherry Ave. 2nd Floor San Bruno, CA 94066

Still fighting YouTube?

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