TV News Report Deletion

How to Permanently Remove TV News Website Articles and Reports from Google


Did your or your business make headlines? Well, that might be great news! Or catastrophic if its bad news. 

30 years ago, a headline lasted a day or two, and then the newspaper met the trashcan. Radio broadcasted news had an even shorter shelf life. Today, any news item, big or small, has no expiry date. It is all stored online, and when anyone searches your name or company, it will come up.

Every newspaper and radio station has a website where all current and old news is available to the public. If you find a news source is hosting a negative, defamatory, or even false or illegitimate document about you, you need it removed ASAP.

CNN, Ney York Times, Washington Post, Fox News, Huffington Post, Vice, USA Today, Drudge Report, Time, Huff Post, CBS News, Newsweek, New York Post, Reuters, The Washington Post are of the top 30 us newspapers available online. 106.3, FM102.1, 92.5, 1270, KLBJ, WNYC, and ESPN are just a few of the many radio stations available online.

Each day that goes by with your negative content available on a TV or radio station site you are at risk. Even if the news is not fresh, it will still come up whenever someone searches your name. Your reputation, job, family and opportunities are all threatened.

Each site has unique and strict guidelines for removing content. Try reaching out to them, and see if they can honor your removal request.

If still you need help removing bad or defamatory content , reach out to us. Give us a call at 800 396 0141. We can work with you to have those defaming posts removed permanently. Content removal is our expertise. Get your shame off the web. We clean it all up. Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, whatever it is we have the tools to remove, delete, and clear all online defamation and negative reviews and claims against you. Don’t hesitate to contact us. All client information is 100% confidential. We guarantee full customer satisfaction.