Tumblr.com Blog Deletion

How to Delete any Tumblr Blog Account or Picture

what is Tumblr.com?

“Tumblr is so easy to use that it is hard to explain” in big white letters across a green screen, Tumblr is proud of being user friendly and simple to use.This popular personal blog platform is free and far reaching, with over 555 million monthly visitors as of January 2016. (wikipedia). It is owned by Verizon, and is rated #26 in social networking on the app store.

People use tumblr.com because it is easy, fast, and engaging. It is a simple way to spread malicious, negative information or images about you or your teenager. Tumblr.com invites  users starting from age 13. It is most popular among 18-29 year olds.

Using Tumblr to harm others

If you or your teenager are the victim of online abuse and defamation on tumblr.com, the damages may be serious and irreparable. Defaming and damaging threads or blogs carry weight and spread extremely fast. Other users can become passionate and join the shaming, blaming, and maligning team.

Often, the victims of these online bullying and shaming on Tumblr.com can be teens. Whether you or your teen are experiencing this cyber attack on your name and reputation, the sooner the thread or post is removed, the sooner the damages can be controlled.

Can they possibly remove the post?

To have posts removed from Tumblr.com, try contacting Tumblr support. They may remove a post if the certain violations applied. Some include illegal behavior, harassment, impersonation, spam, deception, and malicious speech.

Need help?

If you find that Tumblr is not willing to remove your post, and you still need to clean your name, give us a call at 800 396 0141 We can work with you to have those defaming posts removed permanently. Content removal is our expertise. Get your shame off the web. We clean it all up. Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, whatever it is we have the tools to remove, delete, and clear all online defamation and negative reviews and claims against you. Don’t hesitate to contact us. All client information is 100% confidential. We guarantee full customer satisfaction.
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