Deciding Between Five Blocks
and Clean Your Name

Below we are providing some unbiased information about the services that reputation management companies Five Blocks and Clean Your Name provide. Both companies are highly reputable, and it all comes down to your specific and individual needs. All clients have unique types of information they need removed, different websites where the negative information is showing, as well as many other factors which need to be taken into account on an individual basis.

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Five Blocks is an online platform with a comprehensive suite of credit repair services that offers some different benefits than Clean Your Name. Five Blocks specializes in providing personalized and individualized services from professionals who are knowledgeable about the laws governing credit reports, scores, and accuracy.

Unlike Clean Your Name, which utilizes automated software to identify errors on your credit report, Five Blocks manually investigate each item manually to ensure that all discrepancies are properly addressed—making sure you get the best results possible for your credit repair needs and goals. Plus, if you need assistance navigating through any part of the process, customer support reps are available to provide guidance and answer questions.

In addition to credit repair, Five Blocks also offers services that are designed to boost your credit score and help you build financial literacy. Through educational resources and tools, they can guide you through the process of creating a budget, setting up payment plans, and understanding how different types of debt work—essential knowledge for anyone looking to take control of their finances.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a comprehensive and personalized approach to credit repair that includes guidance from certified professionals as well as educational resources and tools to help increase your financial literacy, then Five Blocks may be a suitable service for you, if you have a sizable budget. Clean Your Name on the other hand, may be the right service if you need quick results and a more affordable solution.

Good luck with protecting your online reputation! Give us a call today if you would like to speak to us about your specific issues.

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