Post Deletion

How to Remove Posts in Google

What is is an online user-generated content platform and website for users to report scam products, scam businesses, and various other scams. gives you access to complaints about companies that do not have morals. These scams are published once the report posts the complaints. As soon as it becomes live on the internet, it is no more a personal experience. does not have a process in place to verify each report. This makes it easy for anyone to write about everyone.

How to remove content from

Removal can only happen if you have a legit court injunction from the USA Court. Refrain from sending us a fake copy of the obtained judgment. has panels of attorney to verify the court orders.

If you don’t have a court order or don’t have time to obtain one give us a call or fill out the form on our website right away.

We have the ability to legally remove the post from within 24 business hours – So Don’t Delay.